You can contribute meaningfully by helping to cover the caring and conservation costs of our huge rhino herd – by sponsoring a rhino carer, ranger or even researcher.

Currently, we have the following rhino carers in need of sponsorships:

Job Title:

Conservation Scientist

Years At Rockwood:


Dependent On Her:

Our Orphan Rhinos

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Rhino Ranger

Years At Rockwood:


Dependent On Him:

The Entire Herd

Join OUR Rockwood Rhino FAMILY

With no government funding, our rhino survival depends entirely on the generous contributions of people like you.

Baby Rhino

160 baby rhino births... and counting!


research and development programmes

The true benefits
of private wildlife conservation

  • A recent annual report by SANParks shows that South Africa’s Kruger National Park has lost an alarming 70% of its rhino population in the last decade.

  • In contrast, private reserves experience very few poachings. Only 37 of the 394 rhinos killed in South Africa in 2020 were on private reserves. Rockwood, for one, has not had a single poaching incident in the last five years.

  • In addition, our reserve has celebrated the birth of more than 160 baby rhinos to date, with 10 newborns joining our family as recently as February 2021, taking our rhino population to more than 300.
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Our Donation Promise

100% of your donation goes to keeping our rhinos alive.

Rhino Conservation

2020 Conservation Success Stories

2020 hasn’t been easy for anyone — the effects of Covid-19 reached far and wide, and were felt in the realm of rhino conservation too. But, no matter what challenges come our way, we persevere and give our all to saving the Southern white rhino. We’d like to share nine conservation success stories from Rockwood for 2020.

donation to save rhinos

How Your Donation Saves Rhinos At Rockwood

No matter where they are in the world, you can join the fight to save the African rhino. Apart from visiting us as a tourist or volunteer, you can sponsor a rhino or donate towards their care. We provide a detailed breakdown of what it takes to care for rhinos, so you know that your donation goes directly towards conservation.


Leading Grill Company, Megamaster, Gets Involved

We’re always looking for new ways to initiate rhino conservation. So when South Africa’s leading grill company, Megamaster, approached us about a collaboration, we were super excited. The key ingredient in Megamaster’s innovative new eco-friendly firelighter, called Rhino Balls, is our very own rhinos’ dung.